Writing an effective job description.

Last week we asked our LinkedIn followers ‘what attracts you to a job?’

50% responded that the role and responsibility is the winning factor! So here’s our top tips for righting an effective job description to attract the perfect candidate.

Choose the Right Title
Specific, short and jargon free!
Your job title needs to be engaging and the correct title for the role. Focus on key words to make sure that your ad appears in the right searches.

Keep It Concise
The most effective job descriptions should get potential candidates excited about the opportunity without overloading them with information. It’s a balancing act, but when done successfully it can be highly rewarding.
A recent study by Indeed showed that ads between 700 and 1,100 words see an average 30% increase in the rate of applicants.

Understand the Candidate
Put yourself into the candidates shoes and really highlight the benefits of the role and your company. What will the candidate find most appealing? Focusing on these points will help you to get the right people applying.

Be Realistic
It’s very easy to think it’d be really handy if they where qualified in x or have experience working with y. As much as you could benefit from these skills you need to think are they critical for the job? Does the candidate need experience or is this something I could train them to do? Only list the skills that are needed. You don’t want to put off a fantastic candidate by making the role sound unobtainable to them.

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