Last week Tech Humber announced that they will be hosting a launch event on the 4th February. Within just 24 hours 50 people registered to attend. As a result of popular demand, the event moved to the Bonus arena, home to the Tech Expo Humber 2019. Now at 110 registered attendees the event is sold out.

‘I am blown away by the level of support we have received. To sell out within 72 hours was amazing. We’ve spent the last few months working on some amazing ideas with partners old and new. I can’t wait to share our plans on the 4th February.’

Antonio Tombanane, Founder of the Tech Week Humber

Those with a keen eye will have noticed the subtle shift from Tech Expo Humber to Tech Week Humber as the team prepare to deliver a festival of events showcasing the Tech scene in the region. The aim to engage the business community with innovative tech and inspire the next generation of tech talent.

Last year saw some of the world’s biggest brands attend, speak and exhibit. These included IBM, TES Enterprise, Twitter and many more. This year promises to be no exception as the organisers plan to shout even louder about the potential of the region.

‘The Humber region is thriving with huge investments and opportunities. We are very natural resources rich. This is our opportunity to inspire the younger generation into tech and to encourage businesses to continue to innovate. It is great to have such amazing support from everyone.’

Antonio Tombanane, Founder of the Tech Expo Humber

Tech Week Humber comes off the back of the successful legacy of Tech Expo Humber 2019. Over two days the event attracted over 2,000 people through the door and managed to reach a staggering 1.5 million through PR and Social.

The launch event promises to outline plans, events and how you can get involved in what is sure to be the Tech Event of the year. For all those who didn’t manage to register in time don’t worry as we will be sure to report all about it after the event.

Email – for more information or to join the event waitlist.

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