4 Ways Technology is Changing Recruiting Forever

Recruiting has steadily moved away from the old days of sifting through applications looking for a needle in a haystack. Thanks to social media, applicant tracking systems, job boards, and other digital innovations, the face of recruiting will never be the same.

It is now easier to find the perfect candidate than ever. Technology is continuing to have a profound impact on recruiting. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss four trends our team at GB Recruitment have witnessed since the emergence of tech-based recruiting, and we believe these trends are here to stay.

  1. Easier to get Referrals

One thing hasn’t changed: referrals are always the best. Referred candidates typically work out better for employers, as they tend to stay longer. Social media has made it much easier to get referrals; plus, social media is free. With the help of technology, referrals can be gained easier and at a fraction of the cost; tech-based recruiting is a win-win for situation for all recruiters who have adopted any of these methods.

  1. Larger Applicant Pool

Employers once had to await applications and resumes, but not anymore. Job boards, networking sites, and other platforms let recruiters instantly tap into an immense applicant pool. With more applicants to choose from, recruiters can rest assured that they are not settling for the first candidate that comes along. Instead, they have an opportunity to screen candidates and choose the most impressive one.

  1. Outsourced Recruiting Team

Employers no longer have to depend on in-house recruiting to find and hire talent. Instead, technology makes it possible to outsource a recruiting team who can seamlessly work to find the ideal applicants for the opening. This means that employers can spend more time doing what they love and less time stressing out about finding a new employee.

  1. Faster results

Yes, technology makes everything much simpler. Tech-based recruiting yields faster results for all involved parties. Recruiters can enjoy faster communications and interview processes, and companies can get the ideal candidate hired on faster. At the end of the day, this means streamlined operations for companies and a better bottom line.

Technology seems to have affected nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives, and it makes many tasks much more efficient. Recruiting is no exception! With the right social media strategies, digital platforms, tracking systems, and more, recruiters can acquire the most impressive applicants in record time in comparison to old-school recruiting.

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