Jobs in digital tech are on the rise.


Between 2014 and 2017 employment in the digital tech sector increased by 13.2%. Workers in digital tech are also more productive than those in non-digital sectors, by an average of £10,000 per person per annum.

Jobs requiring digital tech skills command higher salaries, on average, £42,578 compared to £32,477 per year, while digitally enabled jobs — those requiring only some engagement with digital tech – bring in £35,227.
Overall, digital tech jobs are good for workers, and good for the UK.

Employer demand is increasing too. Non-digital tech companies are becoming more reliant on digital tech workers, as tech pervades every business and new forms of work evolve.

In our region the skills gap continues to challenge growing businesses and it has become a priority for many tech businesses in the area. The focus has now changed from reactive to proactive recruitment. Many companies are building partnerships with us to help them with talent acquisition.

GBIT Recruitment are at the forefront of tech recruitment in the Humber region. Our team of experienced consultants work with most businesses in the area. We offer a consultative approach to recruitment and work on a partnership model.

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