Hull’s First IT Recruiter Celebrate 2 Years of Growth

With rapidly emerging industries such as digital and tech now going shoulder to shoulder with some of the region’s more established big-hitters, there has arguably never been a better time for local companies.

It makes complete sense then, that a talent acquisition specialist who place technological innovation at the heart of their recruitment strategy, look to support the businesses who represent the forefront of this new business growth.

Up step the new boys on the recruitment horizon – GB Recruitment. Based near Hull Marina, GB IT are making waves within the local tech scene and close to celebrating their second year of business and another year of sustained growth.

Through their revolutionary new tech recruiter model, GB IT have combined true entrepreneurial spirit and drive, with the kind of disruptive and agile business processes that have been forged in the crucible of larger tech communities like London.

Today’s businesses are operating within increasingly challenging environments, as companies relentlessly pursue new ways to optimise their products and services.

GB Recruitment Operations Director Antonio Tombanane shared some insight into the culture at GB and how he navigates through a variety of challenges on a daily basis. “It’s a very fast-paced environment. We are now working with some of the biggest businesses we have ever worked with and are very excited to continue that upward trend.”

“We try to learn every aspect of our customers products to understand the ins and outs, so we can source candidates with the skills to match the role.”

“We focus on finding those individuals who can add value to a business, people who have the belief, skills and experience to help our clients take their businesses to the next level.”

GB’s specialist recruitment consultants provide staff to a range of businesses throughout the North of England. Working with IT Professionals who specialise in a number of technologies across the digital spectrum, including Developers, Programmers, IT Support, Project Managers, Testers and Designers.

GB Recruitment work closely with clients to find the right people or team for their organisation on a permanent basis, or to supply contract staff to cover increased workload, absences and skill shortages.

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